Molten Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus

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Molten Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus for measuring impact resistance of high temperature metal droplets in protective clothing and high temperature resistance of textiles.

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  • Package : Plywood Case
  • Model: SL821
  • Standards: EN 348,ISO 9150
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    Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus Used for safety protection Speed can be set

    Product introduction of the Molten Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus
    Molten Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus is developed according to EN 348 and ISO 9150 test standards, and meets the requirements of GB8965.2-2009 Welding Protective Clothing and GB/T 17599-1998 Test Standard for Impact Resistance of Molten Metals. The measuring principle is that the welding wire rod is melted by a welding torch. When the temperature of the back calorimeter of the fabric rises by 40 C caused by the droplets, the number of droplets of molten metal is measured.
    Molten Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus for measuring impact resistance of high temperature metal droplets in protective clothing and high temperature resistance of textiles.
    Projections of molten metal drops at a point on a vertical oriented test specimen and measurement of the number of the drops required to cause a 40 K temperature rise in a sensor behind the specimen.​

    Performance characteristics of the Molten Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus

    1. The impact performance tester of molten metal droplets includes burner, sample frame, welding rod driving device, burner flow controller, man-machine interface display device, etc.
    2. Oxyacetylene torch is used to melt metal strip, and the diameter of welding nozzle is (1.2 +0.1) mm.
    3. Stepping motor is used to drive the metal strip and set the running speed of the metal strip.
    4. Droplet-melting guiding mechanism with high-temperature anti-sticking guide groove with an angle of 45 degrees;
    5. Fabric temperature sensor device for measuring back temperature rise of sample.
    6. The counterweight copper hammer device is used to set the fabric pre-tension 175g (+0.5g).
    7. Temperature rise data can be automatically recorded, and the number of melt droplets can be recorded by the tester.
    8.Drop guide to collect the drops and to guide them towards the vertically oriented test specimen.
    9.Senor for measuring the temperature linked to a recording device.
    10.Holding frame and counterweights for the test specimen.
    11.Motor speed can be adjust so that the steel rod is fed at the rate of (10 f 1) g/mm.
    12.Needle valves adjust the O2 and acetylene flow rate.
    13.LCD Screen display and control the motor speed.

    Product parameters of the Molten Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus

    Size 700X850X500(mm)
    Weight 42KG
    Electrical requirements 220V, 50HZ, 5A
    Environmental Requirements Temperature(20+2)degree C, Humidity (65+5)%
    Gas requirements oxygen, acetylene
    standard AQ 6103、ISO 9150:1988、CSN EN 348:1992

    Product details of the Molten Metal Splashes Impact Test Apparatus
    Device for Generating Metal Droplets
    (1) Oxyacetylene torch melts one end of the wire (rod) and the diameter of the welding nozzle is (1.2 + 0.1) mm;
    (2) The wire (rod) movement is regulated by the motor of the wheel system, and the wire feeding rate of the motor is (10 +1) g/min.
    (3) The center line of the welding nozzle is perpendicular to the wire (rod), and the distance d between the welding nozzle and the metal (rod) can be adjusted, usually 12 mm.
    (4) droplet mass (0.50 +0.05) g;
    (5)The frequency of droplet formation is 20 drops /(min + 3s);
    (6)The starting distance from wire to torch nozzle is 12 mm.
    (7)The length of torch dark blue flame core is 8 mm.
    Folding droplet guide mechanism
    (1) funnel-shaped guide groove: the angle between the guide axis and the vertical plane can be adjusted. The diameter can pass through a metal bar with a diameter of (8 +0.2) mm, and the guide groove mouth can be covered when not in use.
    (2) Bracket: supporting and fixing funnel-shaped guide groove, three-dimensional adjustable.
    Folding Temperature Sensing System
    (1) Sensor bearings: melt-resistant insulating material, heat conductivity (0.125+0.015) W/(m.K), specific heat capacity (1.15J/(g.K) and surface groove size (13.5*11) mm at 40 C;
    (2) Temperature sensor: armoured platinum resistance material, coated with high temperature anti-sticking agent, resistance 100_, plate shape, size (12.5 *10) mm, thermal response time < 0.5s at 0 C;
    (3) Recording and displaying instrument: it can display the temperature rise behind the sample and the corresponding droplet number, time and frequency equivalents; the test temperature in the guide groove is > 250 C; the temperature rise on the back of the sample is > 40K, and the alarm will be given when the temperature rise reaches 40K;
    (4) Accuracy: resolution < 0.5K, temperature display and alarm function test error < 0.4K;
    (5)Structure and installation: The temperature sensor can be connected by two holes near the center of the groove, and the sensor support is fixed on the sample frame by four side bolts. The heat-resistant adhesive for the sensor is embedded in the groove of the sensor support, and the protruding part is (0.5 +0.2) mm.
    Folding sample frame
    (1) Sample clamping support can ensure that the sample is close to the sensor support block;
    (2) Applying (175 +5) g pre-tension to the specimen;
    (3) The position of the specimen can be adjusted in both vertical and horizontal directions.

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