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Cone Calorimeter

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Cone Calorimeter measures heat release rate(H.R.R), smoke release, ignition time, oxygen consumption, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide generation and mass loss rate when specimen is exposed to resource of conical heater.

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 unit
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Package : Plywood Case
  • Model: SL-FL01
  • Standards: ASTM D6113, ASTM E1354, ASTM E1740, ASTM F1550, BS 476-15:1993、ISO 5660:2015
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    Cone Calorimeter for Material Combustion Performance Test of Movable Analysis Cabinet

    Product Profile of Cone Calorimeter

    Cone calorimeter was developed by V. Babrauskas et al. of NIST in 1982. It is a material combustion performance test instrument based on oxygen consumption principle. After more than 30 years of continuous improvement and improvement, cone calorimeter has become one of the most important test instruments for studying material combustion performance.

    Cone Calorimeter measures heat release rate(H.R.R), smoke release, ignition time, oxygen consumption, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide generation and mass loss rate when specimen is exposed to resource of conical heater.

    The cone calorimeter is based on the principle of oxygen consumption. The principle of oxygen consumption is used to measure the heat release rate of materials. The so-called oxygen consumption principle is that the heat released by each unit of oxygen consumed during combustion is basically the same, and the value is measured to be 13.1MJ/kg+5%. In the experiment, we can load the sample on the load unit to measure the mass loss rate of the sample in the combustion process; heat the sample and ignite it by spark ignition to test its flammability and ignition time; collect the combustion gas in the attached pipe and exhaust hood by collecting the gas pressure difference, gas concentration and temperature. By using optical device, the smoke density performance parameters can be measured. At the same time, the extended data such as combustion heat and specific extinction area can be obtained through the above data acquisition. Cone calorimeter test is a safe, fast and accurate detection method. In addition to product development, cone calorimeter can also be used as a quality control tool.

    Product parameters of Cone Calorimeter

     Dimensions  1800mm(W)*900mm(D)*2650mm(H)
     Weight  350 kg
     Electricity requirements  220 V, 50 Amps
     Ambient temperature  10 ℃ to 35 ℃
     Working Gas  Air Compressor Gas
     Calibration Gas  Methane, Nitrogen, CO2/CO Mixture

    Product Feature of Cone Calorimeter

    Cone Calorimeter with movable analysis cabinet, can be connected with a large heat release rate test system such as ISO 9705, EN 13823 etc, complied with ISO 5660, ASTM E1354,BS 476 Part 15 etc. testing standards.

    Integrated test body and 19 inches analysis cabinet, embedded PC 15 Inch Touch screen computer, for the whole control and automatic testing.

    Conical heater rated power 5000W, the heat output of 0 ~ 100kW/m2, using PID temperature controller, while the radiation cone can be horizontal or vertical.

    Exposed to the central part of the surface of the sample 50 x 50mm range, radiation at the center of the deviation is not more than 2%.

    The sample weighing range 0 ~ 3000g; accuracy: 0.1g.

    Auto Split Shutter automatically opened to transmit radiation to the sample.

    ABB EL3020 Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, using the method of paramagnetic change to measure the concentration of oxygen in the gas. Concentration range of 0-25%.

    Smoke density analysis using laser system, the system consists of a 0.5mW He Ne laser, the main detector and auxiliary detector.

    The exhaust system consists of the fan, the smoke collection cover, the exhaust pipe and orifice plate flow meter and so on. Exhaust fan flow rate of 0 ~ 50g/s, precision 0.1g/s.

    Ring sampler have been installed from the smoke collecting hood at 685 mm, with 12 holes.

    The exhaust flow rate should be determined by measuring the pressure difference on both sides of the sharp edge orifice 350 mm above the fan, the inner diameter of the sharp edge orifice plate is 57mm + 1mm.

    ABB SCC-S Gas sampling system comprises sampling pump, filter, cold trap, waste water discharge, water filters and CO2 filters;

    Portable water cooling system without need for waterworks and plumbing when using the Heat Flux meter (for ISO 5660).

    In order to calibrate the response of the whole test system, the use of a square opening brass calibration burner, used to measure the value of C- coefficient.

    The data acquisition system be able to record oxygen analyzer, orifice meter, thermocouple and other instruments of the output.

    Applications: building materials, rail transit, shipping materials, wires and cables, and other fields


    ASTM D6113, ASTM E1354, ASTM E1740, ASTM F1550, ASTM E1474

    BS 476-15:1993、ISO 5660:2015、CSN EN 13501-1+A1:2009, CSN EN 45545-2+A1:2015

    IMO MSC 40 (64)、GB 8624:2012, GB/T 16172:2007、NFPA 271, NFPA 264


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