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ASTM D6413 Textile Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment

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flammability test chamber,  flammability test apparatus, Textile flammability testing equipment

  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 unit
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Package : Plywood Case
  • Product Model: SL-F15
  • Test standards: ASTM D6413
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    ASTM D6413 Textile Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment With PLC Controller 


    Product information

    Flammability of fabrics may be determined by igniting one end of fabric under test by mean of a suitable burner having a specified flame intensity and determining the extend of propagation of flame and the time taken by the flame to propagate between two marked levels. In the vertical strip flammability tester, a test specimen cut from the fabric under test is suspended vertically inside an enclosure and the flame from a Bunsen burner is applied at its bottom edge. The time taken by the flame to propagate between two specified marks is then determined from which the numerical rating of flame resistance property found. This method is suitable for all fabrics which are in form of sheets or can be converted by cutting into sheets.

    Flammability Tester for fabrics consists of a vertical sheet metal cabinet closed on three sides and top and bottom. The front side is kept open for insertion of the test specimen. The test specimen is suspended from a clip such that it hangs freely in the center of the cabinet. Two marker wires are fixed behind the fabric under test such that they are located 28 cm and 155 cm below the clip. A removable auxiliary clip is also provided to enable shorter specimens of flame resistant fabrics to be tested.
    A bunsen burner of 9.5 mm diameter opening is placed in the lower half of the cabinet and can be moved on two guide rods to enable it to be brought vertically below the free end of the test specimen. A flexible pipe line with a needle valve is provided to control the flame height.


    Technical parameters 

     Size of Test Specimen  183 cm x 4 cm
     Size of modified test specimen  40 cm x 4 cm
     Distance of upper marker wire from the main clip  28 cm
     Distance of lower marker wire from the main clip  155 cm
     Distance of lower marker wire from the auxiliary clip  10 cm
     Diameter of burner opening  9.5 mm
     Dimensions of the Cabinet  35 cm x 40 cm x 205 cm

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