Reaction to fire tests for building products-Single Burning Item Flammability Tester

Single Combustion Test Method (SBI): It is a test method for the fire response characteristics of component products other than flooring materials. The test principle of this method is the same as the heat release rate test method of ISO5660 and the corner fire test method of ISO9705, which uses the oxygen consumption principle. The starting scale is between ISO5660 material test and ISO9705 full-scale test. The SBI test measures the change in oxygen concentration during the test, as well as the flue gas flow and CO2 concentration in the pipeline, and calculates the heat release rate at a certain moment, and then measures the maximum value of the heat release rate and time quotient during the test. That is, the FIGRA index of heat release rate, which is used to classify the flame retardancy of building materials.

Product Features

1. Monomer combustion test equipment includes trolley, fixed frame, gas collector, collector, J-type exhaust pipe, centrifugal fan, wind speed control device, comprehensive measurement section, gas analysis cabinet, data acquisition system, etc.

2.By adjusting propane flow rate through mass flow controller, the gas supply of the burner should be automatically controlled. The gas mass flow rate is 647 mg/s and 2000 mg/s. The gas control system can ensure that the change of gas supply speed should not exceed 5 mg/s and the output heat should be 30.7+2 kW.

3.Import rotor flowmeter, measuring range is 0-5L/min, adjust the flow rate of the analyzer.

4. The bi-directional probe is connected with an imported pressure sensor with a measuring range of at least (0-100) Pa and an accuracy of (+2 Pa). The response time of 90% output of pressure sensor is 1 s at most.

Product parameters of  Single Burning Item

 Size  Bullet size: 1500mm (W) X 1620mm (D) X 2200mm (H)Frame size: 1700mm (W) X 2500mm (D) X 2200mm (H)
 Weight  650KG
 Installation height  no less than 5 meters
 Coverage  not less than 3m X 3M
 Electricity requirements  220V, 10A; 380V, 5KW
 Gas requirements  propane gas
 Calibration Gas  N2, CO2 Standard Gas
 Calibration standard  heptane
 Standards  BS EN 13823:2010, CSNEN 13501-1+A1:2009, CSNEN 13823+A1:2014
 Applications  Building materials, automotive interiors
 Measuring range  0-25%
  Signal output  4-20mA
 Response time T90  ≤2S;
  Ambient temperature  0-45 ℃
  Relative humidity  <90% (non-condensing)
  Linearity   <± 0.1% O2
 Zero drift  0.05% O2 per week
 Repeatability  <± 0.02% O2
 Response time  T90≤2 seconds

Post time: Dec-12-2019