Fire Test for Railway Vehicles

Railway vehicles are a kind of large passenger traffic, most of the lines are in relatively closed spaces, and are crowded with disorderly people. It is difficult to escape and rescue in the event of a disaster. In recent years, train fire accidents have occurred many times, causing many casualties and serious property damage. Therefore, countries around the world have continuously proposed higher standards for fire safety hazards that may occur in rail transit vehicles.

The latest standards of EN45545-2: 2013 + A1: 2015 are mainly concerned with the properties of materials such as combustion performance, heat release, smoke density, toxicity, etc. The EN45545-2 standard is divided into 26 different categories R1-R26 based on the end use of the material. According to the type of vehicle and the operating environment, the EN45545-2-2015 standard divides the fire danger levels into HL1, HL2, HL3, a total of 3 fire risk levels.

Standard EN 45545-2: 2013 + A1: 2015 focus on the followings

Heat Release


Toxicity Test

Smoke Density

Critical Heat Radiation Test


The EN45545 / EN45545-2-2015 standard includes the following railway vehicles

The EN45545-2 standard specifies the following performances (such as subway trains, high-speed trains, maglev trains, locomotive trains, light rail trams, trolley buses, and long-distance buses) for fire test performance, smoke toxicity, and heat of combustion.

EN45545/EN45545-2-2015 Main Test Standards
EN ISO 5658-2: spread of flame along the surface of a specimen of a product orientated in the vertical position

EN ISO 5660-1:test method of heat release rate for product
EN ISO 5659-2:Smoke density
EN 45545 Annex C:Toxicity Test
EN ISO 9239-1:Flame spread using a radiant heat ignition source
ISO 9705:Specifies the test method to evaluate the reaction of wall and ceiling products to fire when installed at the surface of a small room and exposed directly to a specified ignition source

EN ISO 4589:Oxygen index test
EN 50266: Cable vertical fire test
EN 50266-2-4:Wire and cable multiple bundle vertical burning test(wire diameter≥12mm)
EN 50305.9.1.1:Fire performance test for railway thin-wall cables (6mm<wire diameter<12mm)
EN 50305.9.1.2:Fire performance test for railway thin-wall cables (wire diameter≤6mm)
EN 61034-2:Smoke concentration test for wire and cable
EN 60332-1-2:Single core cable vertical fire test
EN 50268-2: Smoke density for cable & wires
NF X 70-100: Toxicity test

EN 45545 related standards

CEN/TS EN45545-Fire protection of railway vehicles
CEN/TS EN45545-1 Part1: General
CEN/TS EN45545-2 Part2: Requirements for fire behavior of materials and components
CEN/TS EN45545-3 Part3: Fire resistance requirement for fire barriers and partitions
CEN/TS EN45545-5 Part5: Fire safety requirements for electrical equipment including that of trolley buses, track guided and magnetic levitation vehicles CEN/TS EN45545-6 Part 6: Fire control and management system EN/TS EN45545-7 Part7: Fire safety requirements for flammable liquid and flammable gas installations

Recommended Fire Test Apparatus.

  1. SL-7601S Cone Calorimeter

  1. SL817 NBS Smoke Density Chamber

  1. IMO Spread of Flame

  1. SL840 FTIR Fourier Infrared Smoke Toxicity Analysis System

  1. SL820 Corrosion Test Apparatus

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