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Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester - SBI – Skyline Detail:

SBI Building Products Single Burning Item Building Materials Flammability Tester

Product parameters of  Single Burning Item

 Size   Bullet size: 1500mm (W) X 1620mm (D) X 2200mm (H)Frame size: 1700mm (W) X 2500mm (D) X 2200mm (H)
 Weight   650KG
 Installation height  no less than 5 meters
 Coverage  not less than 3m X 3M
 Electricity requirements  220V, 10A; 380V, 5KW
 Gas requirements  propane gas
 Calibration Gas  N2, CO2 Standard Gas
 Calibration standard  heptane
 Standards  BS EN 13823:2010, CSNEN 13501-1+A1:2009, CSNEN 13823+A1:2014
 Applications  Building materials, automotive interiors
 Measuring range  0-25%
  Signal output  4-20mA
 Response time T90  ≤2S;
  Ambient temperature  0-45 ℃
  Relative humidity  <90% (non-condensing)
  Linearity   <± 0.1% O2
 Zero drift  0.05% O2 per week
 Repeatability  <± 0.02% O2
 Response time  T90≤2 seconds

Product introduction of Single Burning Item

SBI test, i.e. monomer combustion test, is a new method standard published and implemented by the European Union to evaluate the combustion characteristics of materials. This standard adopts the same principle as corner fire test and cone calorimeter. The scale of the test is between the two. The SBI test measures the change of oxygen concentration during the test, as well as the flue gas flow and CO2 concentration in the pipeline. By calculating the heat release rate at a certain time, the FIGRA index of heat release rate, the maximum of heat release rate and time quotient in the test process, is measured, which is used to classify the flame retardancy of building materials.

The whole test equipment includes combustion laboratory, control room, trolley, smoke exhaust pipe, data collection and analysis device, gas supply control device. The test was carried out in a combustion chamber with a height of 2.4m and an area of 3M X 3m. There were gas collecting hood and smoke exhaust pipe connected with sampling pipe at the top of the room, and there was a space for air to enter and exit naturally under the trolley. During the test, the heat released by the sample combustion and the combustion products are discharged from the exhaust pipe. A comprehensive sampling area is arranged in the smoke exhaust pipe for placing sensors and sampling tubes. Gas temperature, concentration of combustion-released compounds, oxygen concentration, light attenuation of flue gas, total flow rate of air and combustion products were measured in the sampling pipe.


Product Features and application of the Single Burning Item

1. Monomer combustion test equipment includes trolley, fixed frame, gas collector, collector, J-type exhaust pipe, centrifugal fan, wind speed control device, comprehensive measurement section, gas analysis cabinet, data acquisition system, etc.
2. The trolley can be equipped with two mutually perpendicular sample specimens. At the bottom of the vertical angle, there is a sand box burner. The surface ignition mode is adopted, and the flame detection system is equipped as the extinguishing protection device.
3. Fixed frame. The trolley is pushed into it to test and support the gas collecting hood. An auxiliary burner is fixed on the frame. At the same time, a flame detection system is equipped to act as a fire extinguishing protection device.
4. The stainless steel gas collector is located at the top of the fixed frame to collect the gas generated by combustion.
5. Stainless steel J-type smoke exhaust pipe, heat-insulating circular pipe with inner diameter of (315 +5) mm, insulated with 50 mm thick heat-resistant mineral wool;
6. The smoke exhaust system should be able to continuously smoke and exhaust smoke at the speed of 0.50 m3/s-0.65 m3/s, and be regulated by frequency conversion.
7. Stainless steel centrifugal fan, which can withstand 300 degrees of temperature, meets the high temperature requirement of step calibration.
8. Mass flow controller with range of 0 g/s-2.5 g/s, reading accuracy not less than 1.5%;
9. By adjusting propane flow rate through mass flow controller, the gas supply of the burner should be automatically controlled. The gas mass flow rate is 647 mg/s and 2000 mg/s. The gas control system can ensure that the change of gas supply speed should not exceed 5 mg/s and the output heat should be 30.7+2 kW.
10. The flue gas sampling system consists of ash filter, compressor condenser, drying column, sampling pump and peristaltic pump to ensure effective collection of flue gas samples and clean drying.
11. Diaphragm pump, flow rate: 400l/h, high temperature and corrosion resistance, used for sampling gas;
12. The filter head of smoke and dust filter is composed of solid PTFE with 0.5um filter material inside.
13. Compressor condenser, cooling capacity 320KJ/h, dew point stability 0.1 degree, dew point static change 0.1K, protection level IP20;
14. Import rotor flowmeter, measuring range is 0-5L/min, adjust the flow rate of the analyzer.
15. Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, measuring range is 0-25%, measuring oxygen concentration in gas, concentration range is 0-25%, T90 < 12 seconds;
16. Non-dispersive infrared CO2 analyzer: CO2: 0-10%;
17. The pipeline with a length of 2155 mm is equipped with pressure probe, three thermocouples, gas sampling probe and white light system.
18. The bi-directional probe is connected with an imported pressure sensor with a measuring range of at least (0-100) Pa and an accuracy of (+2 Pa). The response time of 90% output of pressure sensor is 1 s at most.
19. The gas sampling probe is connected with the gas regulating device and the imported gas analyzer of O2 and CO2.
20. The light attenuation system is incandescent type, and the flexible joint is installed on the side pipe of the exhaust pipe.
21. The lamp is an incandescent lamp and is used at (2900 + 100) K color temperature. The power supply is a stable DC current, and the fluctuation range of current is within (+0.5%) (including temperature, short-term and long-term stability).
22. A lens system for focusing light into a parallel beam with a diameter of at least 20 mm. The luminous aperture of the phototube should be located at the focal point of the lens in front of it, and its diameter (d) should be determined by the focal length (f) of the lens so that d/f is less than 0.04.
23. The detector and the silicon photodiode probe have a linear stability of 0.1% and a 10-bit measurement range. The spectral distribution responsiveness of the silicon photodiode coincides with the CIE (illumination curve). The standard function V (gamma) can achieve at least (+5%) accuracy.
24. The 90% response time of the optical attenuation system should not exceed 3s.
25. Air is introduced into the side tube to keep the optical device clean enough to meet the requirement of light attenuation drift. Compressed air can be used to accomplish this.

Product details of the Single Burning Item

A. The software data are calculated correctly and the results are valid. It can provide the following calibration and operation interfaces:
a) Calibration of O 2/CO 2 analyzer: noise and drift calibration of O 2/CO 2 output; and result output form
b) Optical system calibration: noise and drift calibration of flue gas measurement system; and result output form
c) Optical system calibration: filter calibration; and result output form
d) Air volume calibration: air volume control range calibration; and result output form
e) Step calibration and result output form
f) Heptane calibration and result output for
g) Test procedures and results output form

B. The results of step calibration of burner heat output meet the following requirements:

a) The lag time of the O 2/CO 2 analyzer is not more than 30 seconds;
b) The response time of the O 2/CO 2 analyzer is not more than 12 seconds.
c) The response time of burner switching should not exceed 12 seconds;
d) Temperature response time does not exceed 6 seconds;
e) the ratio of Q gas 30s (t) / HRR30s (t), (t) should be within (100 + 5)% continuously;
f) The difference between the average value of HRR step 2 and that of HRR step 3 is not more than 0.5 kW.

C. Heptane calibration results:

a) The calorific value THR/m of heptane per unit mass should be (4456+222.8) MJ/kg;
b) Total smoke yield of heptane per unit mass TSP/m should be (125+25)/kg.


Product detail pictures:

Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester -
 SBI – Skyline detail pictures

Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester -
 SBI – Skyline detail pictures

Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester -
 SBI – Skyline detail pictures

Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester -
 SBI – Skyline detail pictures

Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester -
 SBI – Skyline detail pictures

Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester -
 SBI – Skyline detail pictures

Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester -
 SBI – Skyline detail pictures

Professional Design Non Combustibility Tester -
 SBI – Skyline detail pictures

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