The working principle of the automatic closed flash point tester

The working principle of the automatic closed flash point tester

For air pressure input, select the atmospheric pressure value from the A, B, C, and D positions through “⊿” and “△”, the unit is Kpa, and then press the “air pressure” key. The screen displays the air pressure value. After the atmospheric pressure value is input, the instrument can perform atmospheric pressure calibration. For date input, select the month from the A and B digits, and select the day from the C and D digits, and then press the “date” key to display the month and day, and the date input is complete. Select the number of years from the A, B, C, and D positions through “⊿” and “△”, and press the “Date” key to display the year.

Check that the power system and gas system are correct and then turn on the power. Press any key (except the “reset” key). After selecting the cursor with the “⊿” key, use the “△” key to select the number where the cursor is located. After selecting the A, B, C, and D positions, press the function input key.

Tips for using the automatic closed flash point tester: After entering the data, press the “start” button, the lifting arm will automatically lower, and the input position will change to: temperature 口 口 ℃. The oil temperature is displayed at this time, and the instrument starts to work according to the standard. When approaching the pre-flash value, the instrument will automatically ignite and adjust the ignition head flame to about 4 mm. When the fire flashes, the screen displays: flash point 口 口 ℃ and print the result, alarm, automatically shut off, the oil cup lid automatically rises and air-cooled for 3 minutes. If you continue to do the next experiment where the pre-flash value does not need to be changed, you can press any key (note: do not press the reset key) and the instrument will automatically restore its original flash point value. At this time, you can press the start key to proceed to the next experiment.

The operation process of the automatic closed flash point tester, the installation of the instrument, unpack the instrument, and check whether the instrument is damaged. Check the instrument model and accessories according to the packing list. The debugging of the instrument can only be carried out after checking that the instrument is correct. To prepare for starting the instrument, insert the power cord of the test furnace into the AC220V three-core socket. Note: Be sure to use a power socket with a reliable ground to power the instrument. Connect the test furnace and the host with the instrument cable. The test oil cup is cleaned with petroleum jelly, pour the sample to the scale line, and put it into the heater.

Post time: Aug-30-2021