Swings, Slides and Similar Activity Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Family Domestic Use

The swing is a game appliance that many children love, and its safety is also the primary factor considered by every family. The following are some of our company's instruments for swing testing:

Horizontal Thrust Tester For Swings And Slide


A horizontal force is simultaneously applied at each suspension point to simulate the horizontal forces created by pendulum effect.

Main parameters

 Load cell capacity  0-2500N
 Accuracy  +/-0.5%
 Direction  Horizontal
 No of loading advice  4 in total
 Loading Point height  30-180cm
 Motor  4 servo actuators
 Controller  PLC+ Touch screen
 Test frame  Alu.material

Dynamic strength Tester for Barriers and Handrails 


A sudden horizontal impact stress is applied to the barrier or handrail, through a pad, by a falling load.

Determine of the dynamic strength of barries and handrails.


 Load  25+/-1kg
 Drop Height  125+/-10mm
 Impact method  free fall
 Impact Forec  30J
 Sample height  90-240cm
 Weight  approx 140kg

Suspension Connector Durability Tester

Product information

Suspension connectors and means of suspension are cycled 180 000 times under load to simulate use. For the safety of children when they are playing on swings, a durability test machine is recommended to check if the suspension connector is robust enough after many times of use.

Technical Parameter

 Load  6.75kg,13.5kg,18.5kg,30kg
 Swing angle  ±5°~±45°(10°~90°)
 Test speed  1~60r/min
 Standard  ISO8124-4.6.8

④Stability Tester For Toddler Swing

A pendulum is used to simulate a child falling forwards and backwards.


 Barbell weight  4.5kg
 Diameter of barbell weigh  210mm
 Material  steel

 Impact Head from swing elements (without Accelerometer)     

Test mass, consisting of an aluminium sphere or semi-sphere of radius 80 mm ± 3 mm, and a total mass
(including accelerometer) of 4,6 kg ± 0,05 kg. The impacting part between the surface struck and the
accelerometer shall be homogeneous and free from voids. Cables connected to the accelerometer shall
be placed in such a way that the effect on the mass of the test mass is minimized


Post time: Apr-27-2020