Common test methods for cables under fire conditions-Heat release and smoke production measurement on cables during flame spread test

Wire and Cable Fire Resistance Tester


This test apparatus to be used for testing cables required to maintain circuit integrity when subject to fire alone or fire with shock where the test condition is based upon flame with a controlled heat output corresponding to a temperature of at least 750˚C or fire with shock at a temperature of at least 830 °C.

2.Key Parameters

Structured with 3 rows of cross holes, Average front width of burner: 15mm, Hole diameter: 1.32mm, Distance between the center: 3.2mm

The current is provided by a three-phase star transformer with sufficient capacity to maintain the required test voltage when circuit integrity cannot be maintained.

Imported pressure reducing valve can provide an outlet pressure of 0.1Mpa±3pa;

When circuit integrity cannot be maintained, the corresponding indicator lamp is extinguished, the computer automatically determines the state and records the time, and sends out the sound and light alarm.


IEC:IEC 60331-11&12:2002,IEC 60331-21~23:1999
IEC 60331 Test for electric cables under fir conditions Circuit integrity
IEC 60331 Part 11 Fire alone at a flame temperature of at least 750˚C
IEC 60331 Part 21 Cables of rated voltage up to and including 0.6/1kV
IEC 60331 Part 12 Fire with shock at a flame temperature of at least 830˚C
IEC 60331 Part 31Fire with shock Cables of rated voltage up to and including 0.6/1kV

Wire and Cable Heat Release Test Device

EN 50399 specifies the apparatus and methods of test for the assessment of vertical flame spread, heat release and smoke production of vertically-mounted bunched wires or cables, electrical or optical, under defined conditions.
2.Key parameters
A flame trap is installed at the front side of the burner of the vertical flame spread tester to prevent backfire by propane to ensure the utmost safety.
Exhaust system consists of smoke collection hood,exhaust duct, air inlet system, Centrifugal fan and frequency converter.
The duct section houses all gas sampling probes, temperature and mass flow probes and has ports for the smoke measuring system.
Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, using the method of paramagnetic change to measure the concentration of oxygen in the gas. Concentration range of 0-25%.
Equipped with a set of gas collection probe device, connected by PTFE pipe, can collect corrosive gas;
DIN:DIN EN 50399:2017
EN:EN 50399
GB/T 31248:2014

UL Cable Vertical-Tray Flammability Testing Equipment

Apply to check the vertical-tray fire test for determining values of cable flame propagation and smoke release when the cables are subjected to a flaming ignition source. (It is nothing to the purpose of cables, such as the electric power, telecommunications etc.)
2.Key parameters
 Test room  Fire resistance bricks for walls and which density is 1698kg/m3, Interface spray black paint, and the outer size of the room is W2438×D2438×H3353mm
 Door  Stainless steel frame and wired-glass door, the overall size is W0.9× H2.0m
 Smoke collection hood  Which made by stainless steel, each side is to be sloped 400, the hood as a cube and each side length is 914mm, there is a dust mesh under the hood and each side length is 610mm
 Observation window  Which as a square and each side length is 457mm, 1295mm distance from the lower side of the window to floor, 1143mm distance from right of the window to the wall
 Air inlets which size are 559×343mm, 914×305mm, 2438×343mm
 Exhaust duct  L9000×φ406mm, install it at the centered in on the right side of the cube hood
 Cable tray  H2400mm, the rundle as a square which size is L305×W25×D25, and both rundles distance is 299mm
 Burner  L341mm×D30mm with 242 holes
 Gas flux  13.2L/min, 0.1Mpa for gas pressure
 Flux checking  The differential pressure flowmeter sense smoke pipeline flow speed , provide basis for the control of fan speed
 Light transmittance  photocell sense the smoke density during the flaming
 Height of flame  Infrared visible light show the current height of the flame real-time
 Special software  Draw up the curve by the pip flow, smoke density, height of the flame ,and form a table automatically, through the printer printing
 Control system  5.7inch color touch screen, PLC from Japanese Panasonic, SCM, 16 bits high-performance AD transform etc


According to the clause 9.6 & 9.7 of UL1685-2007, UL2556-2007

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