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NBS Dim Gostota test Box

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The test method of NBS smoke density test box originated from NIST (the predecessor of NBS) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States. It has been popularized and applied in many testing fields.

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  • Model: SL817
  • Standardi: ASTM E662, ASTM F814、BS 6401:1983、DIN 5510-2、ISO 5659-2:2012
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    NBS Smoke Density Chamber Versatile Fire Testing Instruments For Measuring Smoke from Burning Materials

    Product Introduction of NBS Smoke Density Test Box

    The test method of NBS smoke density test box originated from NIST (the predecessor of NBS) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States. It has been popularized and applied in many testing fields. The test method can be used to detect smoke density of plastic products, rail transit non-metallic materials, ship non-metallic materials, wire and cable products, etc. According to the test method, the general applicable standards are ASTM E662, ISO 5659-2 and NES 711 smoke density test method in the Military National Standard; the test standard has more accurate test results than the previous method of building materials smoke density tester, and the optical sensor uses more precise photomultiplier tube. It can capture minute changes of smoke content in the box. If other testing devices are selected, such as Delegate gas detector, it can carry out smoke toxicity test of aviation standard and dock with FTIR Fourier transform device, which can accomplish qualitative and quantitative analysis of smoke content.

    Delovne lastnosti NBS Dim Gostota testiranje Box

    1. The inner dimension of smoke density box test chamber is 914mm X 914mm X 610mm. The inner and outer walls are treated with Teflon coating, which can resist the erosion of strong corrosive gas and prolong the service life of the box greatly.
    2. Full-open door design is adopted in the box. Users can clean the inside of the test box more simply. When changing different standard test accessories, the efficiency can be greatly increased.
    3. Auxiliary heating device is installed on the outer wall of the test chamber. The temperature of the chamber can be set according to different standards.
    4. Installing explosion-proof aluminium foil device inside the box can reduce the personal risk of the tester in case of accident.
    5. The top of the box body is provided with a pressure relief opening, which is connected with a pressure regulating capacity bottle, and can adjust the internal pressure of the box body.
    6. Cylinders with automatic motion are installed at the top and bottom of the box for inhaling and discharging flue gas.
    7. Equipped with ASTM E662 radiation furnace device, it can provide 25KW/M2 thermal radiation output.
    8. Equipped with ASTM E662 standard six-head burner, flame combustion test can be carried out with radiation furnace.
    9. Provide air-cooled copper calorimeter, and adjust its surface temperature by back cooling during testing.
    10. Equipped with ISO 5659-2/GB/T8323 radiation cone device, it can provide 50KW/M2 thermal radiation output.
    11. Provide ISO 5659-2/GB/T8323 standard open-flame burner, with radiation cone for flame combustion test;
    12. Provide SB water-cooled heat flow meter with standard measurement certificate at random.
    13. It can be equipped with self-circulating cooling water source without external cooling water source, which is convenient for users to use.
    14. Equipped with weighing device, it can carry out MOD smoke density test and thermal weightlessness test of materials.
    15. The range of the sensor is 0-2000g and the precision is 0.1g.
    16. Equipped with NES 711 open flame burner and mixing fan;
    17. The switching between radiation furnace and radiation cone is connected by air joint. Users only need to plug and unplug to complete the replacement of different standard test devices.
    18. An optical dark box is installed on the top of the box. The light source is a side-window photomultiplier tube with S-4 frequency response. The transmittance accuracy can reach 0.0001%.
    19. It can automatically switch to Clear, Filter and Dark according to the change of smoke density.
    20. Installing ND2 neutral extended filter in dark box can not only facilitate user self-calibration, but also automatically switch gears in test.
    21. The lower part of the box body is an incandescent light source, which can provide uniform spot output.
    22. Smoke density test box is designed as a whole. It is equipped with touch screen computer. Users can use test software to set and control the whole process of the computer.
    23. With the printer device, the user can print the test report according to the test software.

    Izdelek  parametri za  NBS Dim Gostota test Box

    Application area:Rail transit、Shipping materials、Wire and Cable、Other areas

    Standard: ASTM E662, ASTM F814, BS 6401: 1983, DIN 5510-2, ISO 5659-2: 2012,
    NFPA 258CSN SL 45.545-2 + A1: 2015, IMO FTPC del 2, nes 711
    Size:1900mm (H) x 1630mm (L) x 660mm (D)
    zahteve Elektrika: 220V, 30A
    temperatura okolice: 10 ℃ do 35 ℃
    potrebna količina: vir kompresor plin, propan

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